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We safeguard the integrity and confidentiality of your network and data from destructive cyber threats, and keep you compliant with industry regulations.

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Stronger Security Means A Stronger Business

Security threats come from everywhere - network connections, social media, web sites, and email to name a few - and as your business grows your information becomes vulnerable to malicious activity in ways that are increasingly difficult to predict or control.

COHASH will design a comprehensive security strategy for your sensitive data and resources utilizing our portfolio of holistic and proactive IT Security Services.

With experience across industries such as energy and utilities, healthcare, financial services, retail, banking, and government we will ensure that your business can grow and innovate without worrying about your resources and important data being compromised.

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Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Identify. Authenticate. Authorize.

As your business grows, it becomes increasingly complicated to manage access to enterprise resources that enable productivity and collaboration between your business users.

IAM enables the right individuals the right access for the right reasons and is crucial to reduce the risk of insider threats and identity fraud.

With COHASH designing and implementing custom IAM capabilities for your organization, you can reduce your identity management costs, make your organization safer, and meet ever-changing and rigorous compliance requirements.

(IAM) Strategy and Assessment

COHASH employs a 2 step approach to your unique IAM strategy:


We will do a thorough assessment of your operation and identify any IAM gaps and potential threat compromises, then evaluate their impact on your organization.

Create and Formulate

We will develop an executable IAM Strategy and provide a roadmap, timeline, and budget requirements to support your current and long-term business objectives.

Our IAM Solution will enable growth and cost reduction initiatives and improve processes throughout your organization.

(IAM) Design and Deployment

Using the criteria from our Strategy and Assessment process, COHASH will design an IAM Solution to meet your organization’s specific and unique requirements.

Through our design-led approach, we will strike the right balance of providing the access your users need to manage and grow your business, with the assurance that your sensitive information is protected from security threats.

Our deployment and implementation of your custom solution will seamlessly integrate with existing legacy systems, streamlining and strengthening your current processes and offering greater business agility to scale according to your future growth plans.

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Identity Governance Services

COHASH’s Identity Governance Services ensures that the right regulatory controls are in place to meet the security and privacy requirements of rigorous regulations like SOX, HIPAA and GDPR.

With better control of your user identity and access, you can significantly reduce the cost of compliance while remaining innovative and customer-focused across all levels of your business.


Establish a consistent, secure, and reusable access data onboarding model.

Access Request and Approval

Enable automated workflows to streamline approval processes for better operational efficiencies.

Access Certifications

Enable a systematic review campaign for the process of validating access rights within systems.

Role and Duty Segregation

Ensuring that the proper balance of security and business needs is met by better defining and creating proper roles and duties for your users.

Access Provisioning

Mitigating security threats through assurance that the creation of accounts and access to software and data is consistent and simple to administer.

Managed Identity Services and Privileged Access Management

Your business success depends on rapid access to data and reliable collaboration among employees, vendors, and customers. It can be extremely challenging to manage access and authorization levels efficiently and effectively to protect your business data and resources from unauthorized access and abuse.

COHASH offers managed identity services that protects your data, improves collaboration across your business functions, and reduces the impact of human error with proper automated user access approvals. All designed to integrate and scale to your growing business needs.

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The issue of privileged accounts abuse is a real risk that business leaders face on a daily basis. With our Privileged Access Management (PAM) services, COHASH will provide your organization an end to end, fully managed solution that will safeguard you from Privileged Accounts misuse.

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Network and Cyber Security

With ransomware, hacks, malware, phishing, and data theft affecting companies at an alarming rate, cyber criminals are always trying to gain access to your private customer and business information.

The rapidly increasing number of security threats to your business makes it critical to evaluate any vulnerabilities that may exist in your network to avoid lost revenues due to downtime, or even large fines due to data breaches.

Our goal is to provide you with the best cyber security protection possible, designed around the unique needs and budget of your organization.

We will evaluate your business environment and provide an extensive assessment of your overall security health.

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Our security experts will provide and implement a comprehensive security solution to ensure that you have the best available protection against current and future threats, utilizing a full complement of security services:

✔ Web and Email Security
✔ Firewall Management
✔ Data Backup and Recovery
✔ Endpoint Security and Protection
✔ Intrusion Detection and Prevention
✔ Incident Response
✔ Penetration Testing
✔ Vulnerability Assessment and Scans

Protecting your information and your customers’ data is our expertise.

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