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At COHASH, we believe your time should be focused on driving growth and profitability, not being bogged down with IT worries and concerns.

You deserve the best, most proactive approach to data protection and cloud service technology available, so you can better manage your business.

Our focus is to achieve client success outcomes through communication, collaboration, confidence, and unparalleled service. We are your partner in IT Solutions.

Most importantly, we won’t leave the door open for cyber threats to get their hands on your sensitive data.

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COHASH offers an integrated suite of IT solutions and services to protect your data, improve business efficiency, and increase productivity throughout your organization.

Security Services

Our comprehensive set of security services allows us to design and implement a cybersecurity strategy that will protect your organization from data breaches...and keep you in compliance with ever-changing industry regulations.

Cloud Solutions

COHASH’s cloud services helps your organization migrate and manage your technology resources from a secure cloud environment, so you can access any file or application from any device... anywhere in the world your business takes you.

CRM and ERP Services

We offer Customer Relationship Management and Enterprise Resource Planning software implementation and integration so you can more effectively manage all facets of your business... and stay ahead of your competition.

Application Services

From online shipping and payment processing to resource planning and inventory management, enterprise applications power your business. COHASH’s application services development team can modernize existing applications...or develop and build new ones just for you.

Artificial Intelligence and Analytics

It can be overwhelmingly difficult ​to get a complete picture of your company through manual data analysis. Using smart automation technologies can bring your data to life, harness the power of Artificial Intelligence and Predictive Analytics...and help you make better decisions for your company.

Staffing Services

Often, the biggest barrier between setting business objectives and achieving them is talent. COHASH offers a proven approach to IT staffing that enables us to deliver industry-leading tech professionals straight into your workforce... right when you need them most.