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Let COHASH Move Your Business... into the Cloud

COHASH can facilitate your ongoing digital transformation with a move to a public, private, or hybrid cloud to reduce the risk and cost of having your servers, applications, and data on-site.

Cloud computing allows you to access data from any device, no matter your location, and adopting cloud technology will allow your business to deliver innovative services to your customers and create a better, more secure work environment for your team.

As your company grows, cloud technology allows you to easily manage and scale your technical resources to fit your expanding business needs, only as you need them.

All of your enterprise applications and information:

✔ Easily accessible from anywhere.

✔ Protected by our expert security services.

✔ Designed to scale with your business growth.

IT peace of mind doesn’t come any easier.

Let the trusted experts at COHASH help your business move past the competition with a custom cloud strategy designed just for you.

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Cloud Application Development

Our Cloud Services App Development team can build and deploy end to end cloud applications, both traditional web and mobile, using proven and advanced cloud technologies.

COHASH can develop and test applications that integrate easily with your technology infrastructure, and we can adapt your legacy applications to run on the cloud.

In the cloud, you’ll realize unmatched flexibility, availability, and security for all of your critical process software, productivity tools, and information.

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Developing The Right Cloud Strategy For Your Business

COHASH will help your business properly develop and implement your cloud strategy and migration.

Our Cloud Services team will assess your processes and analyze your applications to determine the extent and requirements of your cloud migration.
We’ll then create a roadmap for you showing the value, potential cost savings, and agility benefits of your move to a public, private, or hybrid cloud.

Whether it’s Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, or others, COHASH will execute your migration to the cloud that best fits your current and future needs, and we’ll be there with you every step of the way.

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Cloud Security

At COHASH, we are experts in keeping your data protected and safe from cyber threats. As your business migrates to cloud services, that expertise moves with you.

Our comprehensive approach to safeguarding your workloads is designed to mitigate the risks of cloud environments through continuous monitoring and detection, assessment, and remediation.

Our Cloud Services team will assess current and future threats to your enterprise applications and develop strategies to mitigate the risk through Identity and Access Management, Encryption and Intrusion protection, End-point security, and Data Backup and Recovery.

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