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Software solutions that drive revenue through customer management (CRM) and reduce operational costs (ERP) are both critical to your business success.

Integrate them - and the sky’s the limit.

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CRM and ERP Integration Solutions from COHASH

A Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) system manages valuable customer data through interactions with marketing and customer support. This helps your business better understand and manage customer relationships, prospects through the sales pipeline, and product sales revenues.

An Enterprise Resource Process (ERP) system handles customer information that is required before and after orders have been placed, such as billing and shipping, accounting and financial functions, and supply chain management.

CRM and ERP are similar in many ways as they both are utilized to increase the overall efficiencies and profitabilities of your business, yet maintaining two systems means that your important customer and financial data stays siloed.

Employing a powerful integration solution from COHASH provides many advantages and benefits to your business:

Integration gives you a comprehensive view of your customer through the entire sales funnel. These systems, when used together, provide better collaboration for your employees, making it easier to manage all aspects of your relationship management and resource requirements.

Your employees will have access to information they need without having to toggle between different systems.

Real time visibility across both applications allows quoting, order fulfillment, and inventory control to be more accurate and efficient for staff in sales and operations.

The benefits are clear:

Increased efficiencies and profitabilities through satisfied, empowered employees and increased customer loyalty.

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Our Experience in Implementation is The Difference

Our highly skilled solutions team are experts with Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, and Salesforce technologies and are experienced at implementing CRM and ERP integrations into retail, manufacturing, education, and professional services industries.

Our ERP and CRM services include comprehensive management of your systems starting with strategy and deployment, all the way to maintenance and support.

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COHASH has you covered with configurations and training support that suit your unique business needs.

All safeguarded with with our suite of security services, just as you’d expect from your trusted partners in IT Solutions.

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