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As your trusted expert, COHASH will design and deploy applications that support the creation of better products, services, and customer experiences for your business.

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Applications Designed to Drive Your Business

To meet the changing needs of today’s business environment, your IT Services must become more agile, innovative and efficient. As running your business places increasing demands on your time and focus, you may not be able to keep up with current technology trends or delivery models.

COHASH has the platform expertise to customize existing business and mobile applications as well as develop, run, and maintain new ones.
Through our full suite of application development services, your organization will achieve reduced IT operating costs and increased profitability through enhanced process efficiency.

Our application services development team can create sophisticated solutions to meet your unique and specific business needs.

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Custom Application Development

As your business strives to meet growing digital demands, it can be especially complex and costly to maintain legacy systems, and they can become obstacles to your organization's innovation and growth.

Our Application Services team are experts at combining industry standard menthodologies with emerging technology trends and will help you update old, inefficient system applications and deliver greater business agility with flexible deployment either on-site or into a cloud environment.

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Our custom application services include:

Application Development and Integrations

COHASH will plan, develop, and build applications to meet your unique business needs, and integrate them with your existing applications.

Architecture Strategy and Design

Using extensible, modular, and pluggable Service Oriented Architectures (SOA), we can design your application from scratch, and better respond to your digital transformation needs.

Application Modernization

Using the latest trends in technology, COHASH can repurpose old systems to align them more closely with current and forward-looking business needs.

Mobile Application Services

In today’s competitive business environment, mobile technology must be an essential part of your engagement strategy.

Whether iOS or Android, COHASH will help you create mobile applications that will enhance your employee productivity, and wow your customers with an engaging and simple user experience.

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We offer rich mobile applications across all platforms, and our services include:

Mobile App Development and Management

Our Mobile Application team will plan, build, deploy, and secure custom applications to leverage mobile technology for your business. Your employees can work smarter from anywhere and you can reach your customers on their favorite devices.

Mobile Application Security

With employers increasingly adopting a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy for their employees, security threats lurk around every corner. Through robust security standards such as two-factor authentication through biometric techniques and encryption algorithms, COHASH can protect your data and users from breaches and theft.

Mobile Application Testing

Our specialized Mobile Application Testing team will assure your application will work for every user, whenever they need it, and help you test for functionality, usability, compatibility, security, performance, and load.

Application Automation Quality and Testing

We use Robotic Process Automation technologies, along with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to automate various processes. By reducing the burden of simple, repetitive tasks of employees, we can largely mitigate the risk of human error.

This strategy can be utilized in testing the complicated applications, allowing them to work faster with fewer defects, lowering the cost of operations.

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Our quality and testing services include:

Application Automation

To achieve successful digital transformation, all overhead processes need to be shifted from humans to technology to reduce human effort and time, which reduces costly errors.

Intelligent QA Services

Using Robotic Process Automation techniques, we can not only improve the quality of your applications, but reduce the time to deployment.

DevOps QA

By combining both development and operations teams, we create and improve products at a much faster rate than with tradional approaches. This allows your business to innovate faster than your competition.

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